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Business Owners and Employers

Running a business can be very fulfilling, but it can also be stressful.  Most of us did not go into business to be bogged down with paperwork, accounting, and figuring out benefits and finances. Let us help.   

Accounting and Tax Savings

We work with your accountant to create a plan that can save you money on your taxes now and consider the long-term effects of those tax strategies.  It is not just about saving money on taxes now.  You need a forward-looking plan that can give you flexibility now and in retirement.  

Small Business Retirement Plans

Many Business owners think that their business will be their retirement plan.  That may be so, but it is important to have a diversified investment strategy.  We work with you to create a plan that is tailored to your goals and needs.  Whether it is an IRA, Roth IRA, Sep IRA or Simple IRA plan, or single 401k, Safe Harbor 401k, 403b, Pension, or other qualified retirement plan.  Each one of these has different rules that must be followed, or the plan can be disallowed.  We work with you to create the most efficient plan for your business. 

Employee Benefits

You spend hours trying to find the right employee, and even more time training them to work on your team.  We help you retain that employee by helping you create a workplace where every employee feels that you care about them.  This goes beyond having health insurance and a 401k plan.  We give you access to other retention strategies that will improve their work experience.  Life, Disability, Retirement projections, Adoption Funding, Education funding, Health Insurance, Health Reimbursement and Health Savings Accounts, Financial Management and Organization, and Employee benefits.  

Business Succession

Many businesses don’t have a succession plan in place.  And when we fail to plan, we plan to fail.  We work with you, your accountant, and attorney to create the proper structure and funding for your business that will allow your company to survive potential storms that may arrive.  

  • Type of business entity, 
  • Partnership and corporate agreements
  • Buy/Sell agreements with proper funding
  • Key Person Insurance
  • Disability/Life/Retirement succession planning. 
  • Family Business pitfalls to avoid.  

Other potential items to include

Retirement Investment and Distribution Plan

We pride ourselves in creating an efficient plan that can weather the storms of the market, reduce your tax burden and provide a sustainable income throughout retirement. Our retirement distribution strategies are tailored to your specific income needs, your resources(Pension, 401k, IRA, Social Security), and your individual tax situation.  

Wealth Management

  • Navigate your finances
  • Investing for a brighter future
  • Resources designed to reduce complexity in the wealth management process 

Tax Strategies

We have found that many are so concerned with saving money on taxes now, that they fail to recognize the potential tax tax trap they are creating when they get to retirement.  We work with you to create a customized strategy to save you money on taxes now and in the future.   

Challenging traditional investment & financial planning models with holistic and flat-fee management.Our services are rendered through a transparent fee structure.

There are no lock-in periods or hidden fees. We view our relationship with you as a partnership and want you to understand how we work with you and for you. 

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