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Third-Party Money Managers

When a client invests under a fee-based model, where a recurring fee is charged as a percentage of assets being managed, we offer the option of employing the services of third-party money managers. These managers develop targeted strategies for trading the assets in client accounts based on a number of factors which might include long- and short-term market trends, qualitative analysis, current political factors, hedging strategies, downside protection goals, tax efficiency considerations, and more.

While these managed strategies come at an additional cost, they may add a level of active, focused management–often with audited track records–that some clients feel provide a better potential for reaching their investment goals. Before selecting a manager or specific strategy, you should discuss your goals and circumstances with your advisor to determine if there is a strategy that fits. You should also consider the unique risks of utilizing a particular manager or strategy, which can vary widely.

Butler Financial Advisors has a host of options for third-party management, and works with custodians and research providers to try to find managers we feel are worth consideration, and that maintain a high level of professionalism and expertise.

Butler Financial Advisors’ wealth management services are offered through DFPG Investments, Inc.