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Retirement Planning

While retirement planning consists of more than opening an account, 401Ks and IRAs are often central elements in the plan. Because of this, we want to help investors understand the difference between an IRA and an Investment.

An IRA is NOT an investment. It is a vehicle by which an investor can place his or her investments inside of a qualified tax shelter. Many investors use mutual funds inside of their IRA accounts or retirement plans (401k, 403b, etc.). By placing their mutual funds inside of these various tax umbrellas, those mutual funds have some added tax benefit which can be beneficial to the investor. The rate of return will be based upon the mutual fund’s performance. In addition, investors could use stocksbondsreal estate, etc. as the investment vehicle inside of their retirement plans. They should understand that the investment returns will be based upon those various investments chosen and NOT based upon the IRA or other retirement plan.

Professional Retirement Planning Advice in Utah

Information on this page is not intended to provide tax advice. Investors should speak to us or another qualified tax professional for more detail on the tax benefits and drawbacks of IRAs in their specific circumstances.

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