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Fee-Based Wealth Management

Through our wealth management services, Butler Financial Advisors is able to provide clients a wide range of investment options as well as payment options. Most commonly, investors can pay fees as a percentage of the assets being managed or as a percentage of the investment being made. A typical fee-based financial advisor will charge you a flat fee or a percentage of the amount of money they manage as opposed to a commission percentage based on your investment amount. This fee-based model may be a more expensive model for investors, but some investors feel it helps eliminate some conflicts of interest and it may better align the financial advisor’s and investor’s interests. Additionally, it may open up investment styles and services unavailable in a commission-based model. We can explain to you those fee options, both fee-based and commission-based, and allow you to choose which option might make the most sense for you.

Fee-Based Wealth Management Consultations

Another type of service offered under a Fee-Based model is hourly consultations. Investors may have the time, knowledge and expertise to manage their own investments and investment trades and they simply want our services to help them in analysis, allocation models, estate planning or overall financial consulting. This investor is seeking to tap in to our professional due diligence models and advisory platform and will typically pay an hourly rate for the time needed for our team to provide these services.

Butler Financial Advisors’ wealth management services are offered through DFPG Investments, Inc.